Why Us

Why you should choose Us.


You should choose our company because we are trying to be  leader in Tourism industry. Our company will give you the best experience for every service. We are very sure that with  the  experience that we have you always  will want to cooperates with us.

Our  company  is  stable and we treat all the costumers in   equal  conditions.  For all the costumers  Our website  www.amaratravel.al  is bilingual  ,every information in it you can find  in English and Albanian . This page  is very secure   for your personal data.


We speak in professional way.


We provide security support help and suggestions for all our clients. At this point you will fell helped from our part and not benefited. We speak simple that everyone could understand us regardless the costumers has a lot of  knowledge’s  for tourism. We prefer to keep our language and our solutions friendly, simple and  effective.

We have experience.


It is so easy to  work with us for some reasons:

-We offer a qualified staff for your requests.

-In our website you can find   last  minute information for all the services that  we offer.

– We offer 24 hours support for every emergency that you have .

We care about our costumer.


We personally invest our self in each project and request that you have  and  we work hard  for you to offer the best quality service . We care  in  strictly way  for the client to remain satisfied and  turning  back again to us for any application or service . We  protect their  interests of  our clients and our collaborators .

We’ve done our homework.


We can offer the best service  when we come to know our customers and their tastes . In this case we  invest lot of time to get  training  regarding the latest news  of ​​tourism . We offer to  our customers  to visit our website which is equipment  with the  information’s below.- Charter   Holidays ( Turkey and  Sharm  El Sheikh )- Worldwide  Hotel reservation  – Worldwide  Air ticket-Football   match ticket  and various events- Cultural Tour  -Individual   Holiday  ( beach holiday , winter , family, adventure , honeymoon , luxury holidays )

We get to know our customers.


We are very modest when we say that   we   have  a  clientele   for   several    years  . We care to  all our existing and new clients to offer them the best quality in the tourism   market .

We’re flexible, agile and cost-effective.


We are a company that are growing fast  from year to year . For every  request that you have  you  will find the best solution with the fastest and most efficient service  on the market because  we   respect every law correctly protecting  here the  interests of our  client and our interests .

We do more than just deliver a service.


We do training and make sure that our staff possess all the necessary knowledge about  tourism in   accurately and efficiently  way that they work and  help you in the best way for every service that you need . We offer you security in ,our experience and knowledge .